Mike on the Issues

Government Spending

"...every dollar that comes into the government’s hands came out of someone’s pocket."

“…every dollar that comes into the government’s hands came out of someone’s pocket.”

“We must always keep in mind that every dollar that comes into the government’s hands came out of someone’s pocket. We should never spend more than we take in and we cannot put off making the tough decisions when spending cuts are needed. If the private sector can do something more efficiently and economically than government then we should competitively bid out those tasks.”

Government Pensions and Long-term Liabilities

“We need to get our states long-term costs under control. We can no longer afford the gold plated pensions and benefits that many government employees enjoy. More needs to be done to give counties, cities, townships, and schools the ability to control these costs. I applaud Governor Snyder and L. Brooks Patterson for their leadership in controlling these costs.”

Education Funding

“Our top priority should be the funding of K-12 and higher education in Michigan. But we need to make certain that the dollars are making it into the classroom and not to bloated administrative costs or benefits that are out of line with the private sector.”


“Taxes need to be low and fair to everyone across the board. Business taxes need to be competitive with all of our surrounding states. For too long all government employee pensions in Michigan were tax-free while the rest of us were subject to the tax. While I don’t agree with many of the changes made to the pension tax I do agree we should all be treated fairly and equally. I understand the need for taxes, but we should strive to keep taxes as low as possible and fair for everyone. It is time the government stop picking winners and losers in the tax code. Low tax rates across the board, for individuals and businesses, encourage job growth. The elimination of the Michigan Business Tax was a great move by the Governor and the state legislature.”

State Spending

“We need our state government to be efficient and accountable with every taxpayer dollar we bring in. Our top priorities should be education, public safety, and infrastructure. For too long the state has been putting off the tough decisions and pushing our problems to the next generation. I applaud the tough decisions that Governor Snyder and Republicans in the legislature have made. Our challenge now is to make sure we don’t go backward.”

Education Spending

“In this year’s education budget, 24 cents of every dollar goes to pay for employee retirement and healthcare costs. Those costs rise to 27 cents next year, and soon to 35 cents. We must get these long-term costs under control. Education must be our top priority, but only if we are truly investing in our children.”